Western Sport Surfaces and our tennis court professionals have been surfacing, refurbishing, and maintaining tennis courts and other sport facilities with pride since 1988!

We offer a wide variety of services including refurbishments, resurfacing, cleaning, line marking and more, utilizing Plexipave and Plexicushion from California Products. These superior products are currently available in 13 colours.

Plexipave is 100% acrylic and is applied over a coat of acrylic surface. Plexicushion provides a rubber based surface and can consist of up to twelve coats over an acrylic surface depending on the texture and density desired.

As a general guide, resurfacing is recommended every 3-5 years for clubs and public courts, and 5-7 years for private courts... depending on the usage. For more in depth information about Plexipave products, please visit the website directly at www.plexipave.com.

It would be our pleasure to arrange an appointment with one of our professionals to help you evaluate your court and determine the best solution for you!

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